Equilibre is a Luxembourgish Think Tank with the mission to research Gender Complementarity. The non-profit association is supported by the Ministry of Economy.

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    Why? Wieso? Pourquoi?

    “Les vrais passions donnent des forces, en donnant du courage. ” — VOLTAIRE
    “Was jeder Einzelne von uns im Kleinen erreicht, das prägt unser Land im Ganzen”— ANGELA MERKEL
    “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” — STEVE JOBS

    Steve Jobs narrates the first Think different commercial "Here's to the Crazy Ones". It never aired. 

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    Founding Team


    ·         Larissa BEST, Entrepreneur, Professor and Angel Investor


    ·         Hedda PAHLSON-MOLLER, Social Investor, Professor and Co-founder of Tiime

    ·         Raymond Schadeck, Independent Director

    ·         Aude LEMOGNE, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

    ·         Patrick WILDGEN, Direction générale, PME et Entrepreneuriat, Ministry of Economy

    ·         Sasha BAILLIE, Diplomatic counselor, “Chef de cabinet adjoint”, Ministry of Economy


    ·         Stephanie DAMGE, Director at Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg

    ·         Isabelle LENTZ, Trade Marketing Horeca chez Munhowen SA

    ·         Marie-Helene MASSARD, CEO at AXA Assurances Luxembourg

    ·         Carole MULLER, CEO of Fisher SA

    ·         Carole RETTER, CEO of Moskito Productions

    ·         Christiane WICKLER, CEO of Pall Center SA

    ·         Genna ELVIN, TadaWeb

    ·         Cécile SEVRAIN, Co-founder of Tiime and Managing Director of the Luxembourg Business Angels Network

    ·         Sarah KHABIRPOUR, Chief Compliance Officer, Banque de Luxembourg

      ·       Marco HOUWEN, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

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