Who are we?

Equilibre is dedicated to promoting gender complementarity at work and on work related issues. Using research as our guide and leverage, we aim to influence local culture, corporate culture and policy solutions to make meaningful change for women and men and their families. Motivated by the opportunity to help close the gap in inequalities and the support of the local eco-system, we continue to work for change


We believe in external influence as much as internal action plans. It thus needed a visit of a female US acceleration program to create the momentum for a think tank to see the light of day. We are extremely grateful to our founding members.

Promoting Change

We address issues that affect the well-being of men and women as well as their families in relation to the work environment. We are passionate about eliminating barriers for everyone who wishes to have a career and a family. This is achieve through research, education programs and advocacy with the aim to influence local and corporate culture as well as policy makers. We wish to develop solutions that result in lasting change.

We believe that men and women who have an adequate work-life balance are the next chapter of economic growth. By investing into programs and policies affecting the above stakeholders, we all invest in a stronger, more innovative economy and society as a whole. 


Research is the first stepping stone for all of our efforts. We know that we must fully understand the issues facing the working population today in order to enact lasting change. By using data as a driving force, we are able to have an influence on society, companies and policy makers. We create strategic partnerships with organisations that share our same goals. All of our studies can be found under Studies above.

Solution-based programs

Our programs are always designed around best practices from other countries and research to ensure that we always offer the best of all possible solutions. We adapt the solutions to the local eco-system where we aim to get as much traction as possible. Change always takes time and thus we work hard with a long term view. All of our programs can be found under Programs above.

Let’s create change together!

Our latest research

        Infographic - Women at work

Entrepreneurship in Luxembourg Mapping

Founding Team


·         Larissa BEST, Entrepreneur, Professor and Angel Investor


·         Hedda PAHLSON-MOLLER, Social Investor, Professor and Co-founder of Tiime

·         Raymond Schadeck, Independent Director

·         Aude LEMOGNE, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

·         Vania Henry, Advisor to the CEO  - Strategy, Marketing & Communication SEQVOIA & Legitech


·         Stephanie DAMGE, Director at Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg

·         Isabelle LENTZ, Trade Marketing Horeca chez Munhowen SA

·         Marie-Helene MASSARD, CEO at AXA Assurances Luxembourg

·         Carole MULLER, CEO of Fisher SA

·         Carole RETTER, CEO of Moskito Productions

·         Christiane WICKLER, CEO of Pall Center SA

·         Genna ELVIN, TadaWeb

·         Cécile SEVRAIN, Co-founder of Tiime and Managing Director of the Luxembourg Business Angels Network

·         Sarah KHABIRPOUR, Chief Compliance Officer, Banque de Luxembourg

  ·       Marco HOUWEN, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor