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A personal brand has dozens of components. The way you speak, the topics you
talk about, what you tweet and the impact you have in meetings. A personal brand
should be a mix of what you want to be – but also what others want to ‘buy’ or


Our speaker will share her insights and tips on personal branding:

• What three words would colleagues, bosses and clients say about you? Will
they help your career, your business?
• The importance of an elevator pitch to explain who you are and what you do.
• The ingredients that make up a brand and the impressions they create.
• Personal branding in social media – do you divide your personal and
professional life? Does your LinkedIn profile reflect your brand – and your
tweets and blogs?

Vania will show you how to develop your brand to ensure you stand out and
become the ‘go to’ person for your particular expertise.

Who should attend ?

This talk is for anyone who wants to learn how to shape and use their personal
brand strategically to build relationships, win business and promote their
professional profile.

What will you learn ?

• Personal brand – what contributes to a brand?
• How to develop a clear identity around a specific angle – demonstrating
your leadership in your area of expertise and making the most of your
• How do you build this in your profile – keywords and messages for your
• Using your brand to make an impact in meetings and ‘corridor
conversations’ – the elevator pitch
• Your personal brand online – what do you want your profiles to say and
• What is LinkedIn? Why 100% profiles are so important to help find and be
• The importance of consistency – in presentations, meetings, social media

Vania Henry

Vania Henry is a multilingual marketing and communications
executive with 20+ years of international experience in
business and marketing management positions.

Vania is passionate about brand and customer service. She
firmly believes in the importance of good communications to
deliver messages with impact. Her outstanding interpersonal
and communication skills have enabled her to build a proven
leadership track record in a multicultural environment.

She has been guest speaker and moderator for a number of high profile events in
Europe, the US and the UAE, where she spent the last 6 years. She is regularly
running one on one coaching and development on social media and personal
branding for leaders.

In 2015, she set-up Red Lion Consultants with business partner Pierre Steffen and
she’s now advising the CEO of SEQVOIA, a Luxembourg FinTech, on the
development of their brand and market positioning.
Before that, Vania was a director at PwC in Luxembourg and the Middle East, where
she headed different teams in the fields of marketing, internal communications and
social media.

Prior to that, she has held various positions at DuPont, De Beers, the Philharmonie
and the media group saint-paul.

Vania studied economics and finance at ICHEC – Institut Catholique des Hautes
Etudes Commerciales in Brussels and holds a post-graduate in textile and fashion
management from IfM – Institut Français de la Mode, Paris. She speaks five
languages fluently and has a keen interest in supporting female talent.