Equilibre joins Mind and Market Team

Equilibre has been invited to join the Mind and Market Luxembourg initiative of 2017 to promote awareness on the subject of gender diversity at this year’s forum.

Luxembourg has been hosting the Mind and Market initiative with the help of Deloitte since 2015 and is set to grow even further in 2017.

Mind and Market in Luxembourg promotes the importance of gender diversity by having Equilibre join the organizational committee this year. Equilibre provides access to the local women entrepreneurship eco-system and mobilizes its growing international network of associations around women in business and entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, Equilibre refocuses attention on gender complementarity when it comes to founding teams on the startup level and those applying to Mind and Market in Luxembourg. Research over the last five years has clearly proven that diversity within management and founding teams dramatically increases the probability of the survival of a startup. 

Equilibre is thus planning to open the eyes of the participants in this year’s Mind and Market Luxembourg forum about the added benefits of having men in all women founder teams and women in all men founder teams. 

In addition to Equilibre, we have a new cross-disciplinary steering committee that has joined this year’s team. The Mind and Market Team is now composed of Deloitte, Equilibre, Luxinnovation, University of Luxembourg, FNR, Fedil, InCub and RTL.

Join us for this fantastic event on 14 November and apply with your project until 15 October.



Larissa Best