Public Speaking

Inclusion Management

Diversity - YES! But How?

Creating an inclusive workplace for all of your employees and future hires to excel at their work is a big commitment.

Are you struggling to hire more women into your teams? Are you finding it difficult to retain your female talent? Do you have gender parity in your middle management and senior management ranks? Not sure why? Is it the hiring process? The language used in your job advertisement? The Corporate Culture?

We address these questions and others through our keynote address and motivational speeches.

Motivating structures

Protect the attention span of your employees!

The workplace: Distracting or Enabling?

  • Where do you work best? At the office or on the plane?

  • Constant interruptions - let’s minimize them but how do we make this happen?

  • Meeting Bonanza - no more! Best practices

  • The role of Managers

  • Communication Workflow or FOMO (Fear of missing out)

Are you looking to inspire your employees or managers on new structures to enable motivation at work? The above are some of the topics we can address in our keynotes.

What is Corporate Culture

Is your Corporate Culture well defined and clearly aligned?

  • Corporate Culture - let’s figure it out

  • The role of middle and senior management - rolemodels?

  • Ideal employee? What is it and why is it important to define?

  • Supporters of families or family?

Corporate Culture, what does it even mean? How do we define it and why do we need to talk about it? The above are some of the topics we can address in our keynotes.

How do you build a better team?

  • The trust battery

  • Respect the work

  • Hiring process - who are you rather than what have you done!

  • Nurturing your talent

Hiring is good but retaining is more important. What do we need to look at in the Hiring Process and what impact does it have on the overall company? The above are some of the topics we can address in our keynotes.

Soft Skills 101

How do I nurture my talent?

  • Networking

  • Leading discussions

  • Conflict Management - Microagression

Networking, leadership and conflict management are one of the themes that can address soft skills in a corporate setting. The above are some of the topics we can address in our keynotes.

Workshop: Public Speaking and Rolemodeling

Workshop 1: Public Speaking

This is a first full day course on public speaking for the non initiated. It will give you the primary tools to feel comfortable speaking up in public and writing your first speech.


  • Fundamentals of communication

  • Your presentation voice - making your voice heard

  • Your presentation body language 

  • Appearance - attire 


  • Structuring your talk

  • Engaging your audience

  • Slideology

  • Storytelling and Persuasion

1 full day workshop organised on a regular basis.