Design Shop - Perfect Workplace

Design Shop - Perfect Workplace

Corporate Program

Brainstorming - Grass-root

Are you interested in better understanding what your workforce really thinks? Typical surveys not yielding the results that you are looking for?

We offer Corporate Brainstorming Sessions where we tackle topics such as Diversity, Perfect Work Place, Inclusion and other more bottom-up topics. Groups are limited to 30 per session with moderators, ensuring a continuous flow of discussions over a morning or afternoon. After the session, a report with main findings, wants, needs and ideas is prepared. The report can also include recommendations and best practices from other companies or sectors.

1 full day workshop at your premises

Workshop: Protect the attention span of your employees!

The workplace: Distracting or Enabling?

  • Where do you work best? At the office or on the plane?

  • Constant interruptions - let’s minimize them but how do we make this happen?

  • Meeting Bonanza - no more! Best practices

  • The role of Managers

  • Communication Workflow or FOMO (Fear of missing out)

1 full day workshop at your premises

Workshop: Define your Corporate Culture

Is your Corporate Culture well defined and clearly aligned?

  • Corporate Culture - let’s figure it out

  • The role of middle and senior management - rolemodels?

  • Ideal employee?

  • Supporters of families or family?

1 full day workshop at your premises

Workshop: Hiring and Talent

How do you build a better team?

  • The trust battery

  • Respect the work

  • Hiring process - who are you rather than what have you done!

  • Nurturing your talent

1 full day workshop at your premises

Workshop: Public Speaking Advanced

How do I feel more comfortable and become an expert at public speaking?

  • Moderating a panel

  • Storytelling

  • Working with the press

  • Intercultural Language

  • Personal Branding

  • Body language

  • Improvisation

3 full day workshops at your premises

Workshop: Soft skills

How do I nurture my talent?

  • Networking

  • Leading discussions

  • Running meetings

  • Improvisation

  • Conflict Management - Microagression

2 full day workshops at your premises

SUMMER Success Academy

We also offer a 1 week cycle of workshops to enable your talent to become the changemakers you want them to become during the Summer. See below for more information.