What motivates us at work and does it depend on age or gender? - Motivation at Work Study January 2019

What motivates people at work? What factors make you want to stay at your current employer? What factors make an employer more attractive? Are there differences between these factors depending on age groups, gender, having kids, the type of work you do or are the main factors always the same? 
To answer these questions, Equilibre organized a first creative Hackathon end of 2017 with around 40 participants (below). The preliminary results of such a small sample showed Corporate Values being the most important factor followed by Interhuman Relations. As neither salary nor office space came up, a new study needed to be conducted which was going to be more representative of the population.
Thus, the following study, financially supported by the Ministry of the Economy, was built over a 3 months period and then responses were collected over a 4 months period (September-December 2018) with the outcome of 382 valid answers. 

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Motivated Talents

We were looking for you!

What makes you tick at work? When do you feel energised and happy? What are important factors for a reasonable work-life balance? How do you as an employee assess whether an employer is attractive? What are the external factors that play a role?

Each and everyone of us assesses the attractiveness of a job in a different way. This will depend on your age, background, sector, family situation as well as many other factors. And where does Luxembourg stand on all of this?

Employers are looking for talented and motivated employees but as expectations are shifting, they are often at a loss to understand what is considered attractive and what benefits may not be of interest anymore. Going a step further, how does Luxembourg position itself as a country for talent and what can still be done to become more attractive as a nation?

To answer these questions and give guidance to employers as well as politicians, Equilibre organised a Creathon on the theme of Talent Motivation and Engagement.

How did we get the results?

All participants were assigned a focus group which met at a pre-defined time for 60-90 minutes to brainstorm on the above topic and provide constructive ideas. Languages available were Luxembourgish, French and English.