Entrepreneurship Tutorials

It’s never too late to become an entrepreneur! But sometimes it seems hard. We are demystifying the business of entrepreneurship by bringing you stories and tips and tricks. These women have all achieved it or are in the process in building a business.

Thus, we decided to start our entrepreneurship series of video interviews.

1. Tips and Tricks - how do you build a business? How do you sell? etc etc. You ask, we find the answer!

3. First Careers - women who decided to become an entrepreneur right after or still at school

2. Second Brilliant Careers - entrepreneurs who fund their calling later in life

Laure talks about her ideas and how she decided which idea she wanted to turn into a business
Sandra gives us her take on why being more experienced adds a lot of benefits when starting a company and what the challenges are when it comes to being an older entrepreneur.
Creativity, access to finance, what is it that drives young people to start a business right after school?

General Tips and Tricks

We all have questions and our interviewees have answered some of the most pressing questions you may have. Why Luxembourg? How do you build self confidence? And many more!

Why do women become entrepreneurs?

What is it that drives women to become entrepreneurs? Is it work-life balance? Or something completely different. Long time entrepreneur Lisa, reveals the three reasons why she believes women become entrepreneurs.

Is Luxembourg the right country to start your business?

We asked Györgyi from Hungary whether she felt that Luxembourg was the right country to start a new business.

Networking: How important is it and how do you do it?

Virginia gives us her take on Luxembourg, networking, business and how to go ahead and just do it.

Let’s talk about support. How important is it and where do you find it?

Tetyana shares her views on why support is important and that you can get it in many different ways.
Ilana and Xénia talk about support from their parents, friends and the eco-system. How do you find it and why is it important?
Christine from Sleep like a boss talks about support and where she found it. Even though family is important, she built her own network of support from scratch.

How do you finance your company?

How do you attract your first clients?

Setting up your company can be scary, making sales calls usually is. Virginia tells us about how she overcame those fears and what has helped her get the attention she needed to make those sales.

Bootstrapping: Yes or No?

Can you start a company without access to finance?

Ilana and Xénia talk about access to finance and why money is not that important to succeed.
Laure started her company bootstrapping. What benefits does she see?

Self confidence: How do you build it and how useful is it in business?

Too much self confidence keeps you from learning says Laure from Nyki
Ilana and Xénia talk about self confidence and why it is so important in being successful. They give some tips and tricks on how to become more self confident.

Other topics

Sacrifice: What makes sense to sacrifice for your business?

Julie and Ricarda discuss sacrifices and what you need to do to give you a chance at success.

How do you convert an idea into a business?

Laure talks about her ideas and how she decided which idea she wanted to turn into a business