Implementing Inspirational Change Creative Workshop

On October 24, 2018 Equilibre organized a brainstorming session on how to implement more diversity in companies at the British Residence. Questions addressed were what needed to be done on an individual, corporate and societal level to further gender integration at work under the theme of Implementing Inspirational Change.

Some of our main findings

The assumption that employees are accepting of the changes needed to make the work place more gender inclusive can unfortunately not be sustained by this study. 

“Clients don’t want diversity, but they want continuity and stability”

Furthermore, women are still battling with their own stereotypes as well as societal stereotypes.

“Women need to know that their skills are valued and recognized. They need to build confidence.”

Next to confirming that stereotypes are still an integral part of the workplace, the group also came up with suggestions and best practices on how to overcome unconscious bias and how to encourage women to feel empowered.

The group also discussed and proposed best practices for corporates to implement to foster inclusiveness and adapt corporate culture accordingly.

The usual examples of flexible working hours were of course mentioned but more innovative ideas such as using the return from maternity or parental leave as an opportunity to potentially promote were showcased as solutions to the inclusion problem.


After having conducted multiple studies and after having reached out to other countries, Equilibre wishes to help with the process by creating a SUCCESS Academy by the end of the year. The academy addresses the needs of employees and corporations to empower the change-makers within the organisation to implement the necessary changes to become a gender-inclusive workplace.

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