Mapping female entrepreneurship in Luxembourg

The objectives of the study are to provide the reader with the mapping of the existing female entrepreneurship ecosystem in Luxembourg, including list of various initiatives and organizations providing support to female entrepreneurs (funding, business mentoring, networking, etc.), the list of some organizations from other European entrepreneurial hubs (namely Berlin, London and Paris) and testimonies from representatives of Luxembourg based female entrepreneurs and leaders of female support organizations.

Part-time and full-time employees in Luxembourg and in Europe

As the recent study by Deloitte on the future of work states: “People remain the most critical asset of most organizations” but “are increasingly in the shadow of machines and in a maze of technologies. Individuals are still bound by hours in the day and their mental ability to process information. Work (done by computers and people) must be coordinated to create maximum value.”

As people remain the most important asset within organizations, it is clearly of interest to attract and retain the best talent within companies. However, the factors that individuals consider as being attractive in an organization have been changing over time. One of the factors which have grown in importance over the last couple of years is Flexibility of Working Time, Tasks and Location. As our focus group end of December has shown Flexibility of Working Time, Tasks and Location is the second most important factor when it comes to defining the perfect workplace.

Women Empowerment in Luxembourg

Ever wondered what the state of female empowerment looks like in Luxembourg?

Thank you to the Foundation IDEA, think tank initiated by the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg, for this great dataset.

Motivation at work Part 1

What makes you tick at work? When do you feel energised and happy? What are important factors for a reasonable work-life balance? How do you as an employee assess whether an employer is attractive? What are the external factors that play a role?

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