Assess whether you are an active gender equality ambassador at events!

Have you been using a spreadsheet to keep tracking of your speaking engagements? Do you know where and when, who spoke at an event to represent your company or the company you are working for? Do you know whether all the events were gender positive? Do you keep track of your progress in achieving gender equality at the events you organise or speak at?

If the above is cumbersome work and you wish you had more transparency, then stay tuned for BALANCE, the new software that will help you keep track of your events internal and external. Built for speakers, organisers and corporations, it will make your life easier and give you an instant overview of where you stand when it comes to your commitment for more diversity at events.

Interested? We are in the final process for our MVP and are looking for interested parties to test our first version. If you are an ambassador and would like to be the first user of our software BALANCE, please subscribe to our list below.

We are not sure how well we are doing when it comes to gender equality at events but we would like to be more pro-active!
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