Updated Eco-system Overview (December 2018)

As Luxembourg is moving, evolving and growing its early stage/start-up eco-system, we see a growing number of players. With three women specific education programs, one female entrepreneurship association and no women specific funding or co-working space, there is still a good number of possibilities for the local market to evolve.

As a reminder, approximately 39% of all entrepreneurs in Luxembourg are women compared to 31% in the EU-28 (2014). The majority of these women entrepreneurs (75%) are solo entrepreneurs!

All female led initiatives are labelled with a circled W.

In the European Union, the SMEs who were asked about financing they used in the past or were considering in the future reported that the three most important sources of financing are credit lines (relevant for 53% of SMEs), leasing (48%) and bank loans (48%). Equity financing is relevant for 12% of the EU SMEs. In the past 6 months they most often used credit lines (35%).

Access to finance is the most important concern for 7% of the EU SMEs. It went down from 16% in 2009 through 14% in 2013. In general, SMEs in the European Union in 2017 reported as their three most important issues: finding customers, availability of skilled staff or experienced managers and competition.

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Eco-system Overview - October 2017

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