Corporate Change-maker Acceleration Program Luxembourg

Education and Development Program - Developing and supporting tomorrow’s leaders, change-makers and influencers


Are you looking to:

  • Inspire people to make a change to solve current recurring problems?

  • Upgrade your skillsets with some extremely important soft skills?

  • Have a great idea for change but don’t know how to implement it within your company or association?

  • Want to make a difference at work but not sure how to attack the problem?

  • Looking for a confidence booster?

  • Have a diverse workforce but not sure how to manage the potential and want to attract a more diverse talentpool?

We can help you by giving you and your colleagues the tools to:

  1. Understand the relevance and concepts of corporate culture.

  2. Evaluate the reasons why traditionally-organized companies find changing coporate culture so challenging.

  3. Identify the elements of a corporate culture that either inhibit or support the process of change and intrapreneurship.

  4. Analyze how change management activities relate to a company’s ability to drive innovation and attract/retain talent throughout the organization.

  5. Understand the synergy necessary between leadership, corporate culture and organizational dynamics to drive successful change.

  6. Construct a personal model of change management activities to be used as a reference tool in their career development.


All workshops are full day workshops during a 2 week intensive course or over 3 months in Luxembourg.

  1. Empowering the YOU - Soft Skills Workshops - 7 days

    1. Emotional Intelligence - what is it and how to use it?

    2. Networking - how to network internally and externally

    3. Elevator Pitching your idea - your idea condensed

    4. Story-telling of the idea – the power of a good story and how to use it

    5. Behavioral science – how do we change behaviours of individuals

    6. Accepting failure as a learning process

    7. Negotiating - negotiate your way through any issue

    8. Collaborative Problem Solving - how to use your colleagues to find solutions to problems

    9. Improvisation - feel comfortable all the time while you are public speaking

    10. Body Language - let your body send the message

    11. Leading discussions and running meetings

    12. Micro-agressions - how to work around and deal with small, seemingly harmless, aggressions

  2. Corporate skills Workshops - Diversity Module - 3 days

    1. Managing diversity and different cultures– how to manage diverse teams with different opinions

    2. Design Thinking Principles and Mechanisms - creativity and innovation

      1. Design Thinking

      2. Co-creating innovation

      3. Creating the right culture and environment for innovation

      4. Creating a long term vision and mission

    3. BMC and how to use it for modeling your ideas and programs

    4. Hiring Process and Job Advertisements - Best Practices

    5. Promotions and Career Advancements - Best Practices

    6. Impact Metrics – how to quantify and monitor your impact


3.750 EUR (VAT excluded) per attendee which gives access to the full 2 week course (18 lessons) or 250 EUR per attendee per workshop.

Class Size will be a minimum of 12 people and a maximum of 20 people. All classes will be held at a local incubator. Dates will be announced 2-3 months before the start of the courses.

If you are interested in joining the program, let us know by sending us your contact details below.

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