Change-maker Acceleration Program Luxembourg

Education and Development Program - Developing and supporting tomorrow’s leaders, change-makers and influencers


Are you an aspiring change maker but…..

  • Are struggling to inspire people to make a change to solve current recurring problems
  • Have a great idea for change but don’t know how to achieve it within your company or association?
  • Want to make a difference at work but not sure how to attack the problem?
  • Looking for a confidence booster?

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Understand the relevance and concepts of corporate culture.
  2. Evaluate the reasons why traditionally-organized companies find changing coporate culture so challenging.
  3. Identify the elements of a corporate culture that either inhibit or support the process of change and intrapreneurship.
  4. Analyze how change management activities relate to a company’s ability to drive innovation and attract/retain talent throughout the organization.
  5. Understand the synergy necessary between leadership, corporate culture and organizational dynamics to drive successful change.
  6. Construct a personal model of change management activities to be used as a reference tool in their career development.

Class Format and Expectations:

The focus of this course will be on developing and/or strengthening the student’s abilities to identify personal and organisational traits that lend themselves to, or separate from, the concepts of successful change management (general with a deep dive into talent). Therefore, much of our classroom time will be spent combining lectures, classroom presentations and discussions on various segments of the course. Class time will be weighed towards constructive discussion and challenges of the readings assigned. As such, it is expected that all assigned reading will be completed prior to the beginning of each class period. Value for the student will derive from the interchange of classroom discussions and interactions, along with the assignments posted.

Courses will be given Wednesday and Thursday full days onec a month excluding school holidays.

Course Outline

  1. Empowering the YOU
    1. Emotional Intelligence
    2. Make your voice heard – Press, Forums, Conferences
    3. Personal Branding + Elevator Pitching yourself
    4. Story-telling of the idea – the power of a good story and how to use it
    5. Behavioral science – how do we change behaviours of individuals
    6. Root Cause Analysis – if you want to change you have to understand the underlying issues or the art of asking the right questions
    7. Negotiating, Collaborative Problem Solving, and Value Claimings
    8. Flat Hierarchy
  2. Metrics
    1. The financials of change – how to convince your stakeholders of the finances
    2. Impact Metrics – How to quantify and monitor your impact
  3. Corporate skills
    1. Managing diversity and different cultures– how to manage diverse teams with different opinions
    2. Design Thinking Principles and Mechanisms
    3. Designing organisations for creativity and innovation
    4. Strategy – implementing innovation
      1. Co-creating innovation
      2. Creating the right culture and environment for innovation
      3. Creating a long term vision and mission
    5. BMC and how to use it for modeling your ideas and programs
  4. Local knowledge
    1. Understanding the Luxembourgish eco-system – where to find allies
    2. Wellbeing and Stress Release

Course Project:

The course project is the internal corporate change maker project. We start with evaluating the level of change positivism within the local organization and will look for the inhibitors (if any).

The student can also pair up with another fellow student to conduct this corporate culture audit on their existing employer.

The “corporate culture health audit” document will be provided to the students as a guide to complete the project.

Your project should address the following themes:

  • Assessing the firms “change acceptance intensity”.
  • Diagnosing the internal work climate conducive to adapting the policies to attract and retain talent
  • Analyze & report on:
    • Management support of change
    • Reinforcement of change
    • Organizational boundaries
    • Work discretion & autonomy
    • Your project and positive implications on the organizations
    • Impact metrics

Venues and Timing :

Venues will be at different corporate locations in Luxembourg with an introduction to the Corporate Vision and Strategy for 30 minutes per company. This is to facilitate cross-pollination between companies. 

Time invested will be 2 full days per month (Wednesday and Thursday) starting September 2018.

If you are interested in joining the program, let us know and you will be the first to get a link to the registration when it opens up.

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