Women in entrepreneurship

It’s never too late to become an entrepreneur! Today we sometimes seem to be overly obsessed with early achievement, finding one’s true passion the moment we choose our university studies or our first job. But, reality is that it takes time to find what you are really passionate about and even that changes with time.

Thus, we decided to start our women in entrepreneurship series of video interviews. We have two sets of themes:

1. Second Brilliant Careers - women who have started their entrepreneurial journey later in life. They will tell us about their journey, why they decided to become an entrepreneur at a later stage in life, their challenges but also the advantages of being more mature in business.

2. Innovators and Risk Takers - women who have taken their first steps early on, at or after university or high school. They are ready to take that leap of faith early on without work experience but with a lot of ideas and enthusiasm.


Second Brilliant Careers

Episode 1: Lisa

Meet Lisa - listen to her story on how non flexible work hours made her decide to become an entrepreneur. Find more about Lisa here and her business here.


Episode 2: Györgyi

Meet Györgyi - a gaming entrepreneur. As she sees her kids struggling at school, she decides that gaming and leaning need to be combined and her entrepreneurial journey begings. She wishes to change the world through gaming and education. Find more about her business here.


Episode 3: Dana

Meet Dana - a psychologist entrepreneur. As an independent entrepreneur, what she sells is herself and her capacity to help you. As many independents, she struggled at first to find her clients, her voice and her sales channel. Follow her story to learn more.


Episode 4: Tetyana

Meet Tetyana - a digital marketing entrepreneur. She started her career as a journalist and then moved into becoming a digital marketing entrepreneur. Listen to her journey and find out more about her business here.