Workshop: Public Speaking and Rolemodeling

Workshop 1: Public Speaking

This is a first full day course on public speaking for the non initiated. It will give you the primary tools to feel comfortable speaking up in public and writing your first speech.


  • Fundamentals of communication

  • Your presentation voice - making your voice heard

  • Your presentation body language 

  • Appearance - attire 


  • Structuring your talk

  • Engaging your audience

  • Slideology

  • Storytelling and Persuasion

1 full day workshop organised on a regular basis.

Workshop 2: BEspoke Workshops for you

Are you looking to create a grass root process in your association, institution or company to solve some resilient internal or external problems?

We can help! Having built and worked on many creative solution finding processes, we can help you design yours.

Are you interested in discussing one specific topic to gauge the interest of your peers and colleagues? Why don’t you try a Creathon? A mix of a Hackathon and a creative exercise.

Or are you looking into solving a problem and want to know what your staff or teammates can come up with as solutions? Try our walking collaboration exchange WaCoEx. Your creative ideas will be assembled, ranked and discussed, all within a morning and while not sitting at a desk.

Intrigued? Send us a mail if you wish to know more!