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Building Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) strategies for your organisation

Equilibre is your partner in the business environment when it comes to implementing the concept of diversity and complementarity within your company. We use our mulit year experience from research as well as from capturing corporate best practices and advising companies, to help you adjust your corporate culture, processes and practices in order to make meaningful changes in favour of overall diversity within your company. We are motivated by the opportunity to help close the gap in inequalities and support businesses in their transition.

Why justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) should matter to you and your organisation!

Innovation and new ideas

If you keep looking at the same problem from the same angles, you can only get the same solutions!

Well managed team diversity within projects or divisions, will bring new perspective to old persistent problems and create innovation where you thought there was nothing left to innovate.

Financial performance

All of the above factors have a clear positive impact on your financial performance. If this is not the case, something is missing within the diversity eco-system that you have built.

To give an example of where the DEI journey can lead you, McKinsey & Company published a study of 1,000 companies in 12 countries which found that organizations in the top 25% when it comes to gender diversity among executive leadership teams were more likely to outperform on profitability (21%) and value creation (27%).

Reputation and responsibility

A great corporate reputation helps you find better talent, cheaper financing and more clients. Use diversity as a boost to your reputation.

By adding diversity to your teams, you will be able to recognize risks faster through a new vantage point. An inclusive hiring practice should be advertised and will result in a more favourable image within your sector and eco-system. This will in turn result in a competitive edge with your clients.

Sales and business development

Buying products and services from sales people that understand you, is your big advantage.

By providing for a diverse sales team, you can enable your sales team to outperform your competitors. Not only will your diverse team be able to speak the language and understand the problems that your clients are facing, but they will also understand local constraints in a way that non diverse team will not.

Furthermore, by having added diversity to your product team when hiring, retaining and promoting witin all divisions in your company, the products and services you are selling will be better suited to your target audience and better reflect their actual needs and wants.


It all comes back to talent. Your company are the people that work within the company.  We look at Talent from a three-fold perspective:

An inclusive Hiring Practice will be the necessary funnel for your activities within Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. An added benefit is a clear link between inclusive hiring practices and positive reputation. The hiring process needs to make sure that you have the right people at the right place, with the right tools and the right corporate culture to make it all happen!

Engaging your talent is all about creating a positive feedback loop in the system. You need to make sure that you have communication channels which do not only Push information to your talent but also Pulls information from the talent to adjust the setting in which your talent works on a constant basis. As your talent evolves, your company and practices need to evolve in parallel in order to keep your talent engaged. Engagement is thus a constant work which keep evolving throughout time.

Promoting your talent is important for the talent that wants and needs perspective but also for your company to ensure that the decision making (if you are still in a hierarchical system) is reflective of the broader talent as well as your client base. By enabling your diverse talent to grow within your company, you can retain critical elements which would otherwise move on to a greener pasture.


“It’s been a true pleasure to work with Larissa on Diversity & Inclusion. She is a great conceptual thinker with a pragmatic approach. She has been key in setting our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion roadmap and a fantastic trainer.”

— Katharina Deil - Vice President, Employee Engagement - SES Astra

“When diving in such a broad topic as Diversity and Inclusion, we always appreciate someone that can help us reach actionable results. Larissa has been exactly that person. The one that comes up with a plan and a course of action not only for our current planning, but she also plans for the future. Her love and passion of Diversity Equality and Inclusion are unmatched. If you let her in 100%, she will deliver results in a way that not only makes sense based on current statistics, but it is also 100% tailored to the business you run and to your company culture.”

— Anastasia Nazare - Diversity and Inclusion, SES Astra

“Larissa is a passionate professional who has the ability to ask thought provoking questions while creating an atmosphere of trust in the group. Under her guidance our team gathered creative ideas to establish a sound basis for our companies DEI strategy. Last but not least she‘s not shy of a good sense of humor and a pleasure to work with!”

— Mara Baarendse - International Human Resources Manager, CSS Regtech