Working for Gender Complementarity


Equilibre is an action tank dedicated to achieving gender complementarity in a  socio-economic context. Using publicly available data as our guide and leverage, we aim to influence local and corporate culture as well as policy solutions to make meaningful change for women/men and their families. We are motivated by the opportunity to help close the gap in inequalities and support the local ecosystem. We continue to work for systemic change as EOA - Equal Opportunity Activists. Join us!

New Full Day Workshop!

Are you looking for a workshop that educates and inspires your management?

We have what you are looking for! In our full day workshop, we will inspire, educate and confront your senior and middle management with the following concepts:

  • Gender - what is it and why is it an identity question and not a sexuality question?

  • Diversity - what does it mean and how does it affect the company? Why is diversity more than just gender?

  • The 5 benefits of diversity and why they matter to you

  • Diversity Quotas - interactive business case within groups

  • Diversity Programs - Yes or No and why?

  • Change Management 101

  • Main statistics to situate yourself and educate yourself on the subject

Best Practice Sharing

We understand the importance of best practice sharing. How do you implement the changes you wish to see in an organisation? What works and what does not work? How do you get buy in? Who need to get involved? How do you get middle or senior management into the same mindset? Read up on the challenges and opportunities in our Best Practice section.

My Pledge

When we started My Pledge in 2018, we wanted to make a difference on the rolemodel level by advocating together with partners for a ban on manels. Since then, many things have evolved in the market and more data has come up that shows that we are on the right track.

How We’ll Win by Quartz has partnered with Harvard Business School's Gender Initiative, Arjuna Capital, and the James Beard Foundation to develop The Pact: a resource and tool for adopting and advocating for gender equality in your workplace. 

Goal Number 1: No more manels. We are happy to see that what we created with My Pledge is the number one item which helps when it comes to gender equality at work. Join My Pledge here.

Goal Number 2: annual audit of the gender pay gap. This should be information that is made publicly available by every company for self-assessment and for scrutiny by the greater public and the employees. We advocate for companies to be transparent when it comes to their numbers, not only financials but also gender pay gap, women in management and women on the board.

Goal Number 3: Hiring and Recruiting. We advocate for every company to add 10% more candidates from the under represented sex into the interview process.

If you are ready to take these steps, we can help you to implement them. Check out our best practice session for an overview.

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Public Speakers

Are you looking for a great public speaker on the subject of Gender Diversity at the workplace, Leadership, Future Management practices and Inclusion Management. Think of us! We use our knowledge and expertise as well as our research to provide you with great workshops and engaging keynotes.


Diversity and Inclusion is important in companies and thus we tackle the subject of entrepreneurship by interviewing women entrepreneurs. In the spirit of having role models for everyone to be able to identify themselves with someone who may be similar to them or has gone through similar situations, we created a YouTube channel with Tips and Tricks provided by these great entrepreneurs as well as storytelling about their journey. Watch them all on our channel on YouTube!