Promoting Gender Complementarity


Equilibre is a think and action tank dedicated to achieving gender complementarity in a  socio-economic context. Using research as our guide and leverage, we aim to influence local and corporate culture as well as policy solutions to make meaningful change for women/men and their families. We are motivated by the opportunity to help close the gap in inequalities and support the local ecosystem. We continue to work for systemic change.

How we get things done:

Educational Programs

Our programs are designed around best practice from other countries to ensure that we offer validated solutions. We influence and empower  the local ecosystem to achieve our long term objective of gender complementarity. Change always takes time but together we can make it happen. 

Network and Advocacy

My Pledge is an initiative aimed at ensuring more diversity at public events with the support of a vaste network of stakeholders, including companies, public figures and citizens. We offer public speaking courses for future panelists, a network of over 350 potential speakers and a calendar of topic-related events. 

Market Mapping

Research is the stepping stone for identifying problems and both evaluating and designing the right solutions. We recognize that we must fully understand the issues facing the working population today in order to enact lasting change. By using data as a driving force, we are able to influence society, companies and policy makers. We create strategic partnerships with organizations that share our goals. 

We are off on holidays so enjoy the festive season and we will be back in January.

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