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My Pledge is an initiative aimed at ensuring more diversity at public events in line with the recent #NoWomenNoPanel initiative .

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Keep advocating for gender balance at public forums. Actively encourage diversity by sponsoring unusual suspects

Why My Pledge?

The absence of gender diversity at public professional forums does not reflect economic reality. The lack of diversity limits the quality of the conversation and potential outcomes. Fewer women as role models implies fewer female attendees which perpetuates the vicious cycle.

How does it work?

As business and political leaders, we pledge that whenever we are invited to a public speaking event, we will inquire about the organiser’s efforts to ensure gender diversity. To ensure more diversity, we also pledge to the “Sponsor 3” movement where we sponsor 3 speakers which we promote to catalyse diversity.

The Pledge

I solemnly pledge to only attend, finance and/or make a public appearance at events with the following criteria:

Gender Diversity on panels, as keynote speakers or experts

If I am asked to speak at, finance or attend an event, I will follow these steps:

  • I will ask about gender diversity at the conference and how the organiser ensures such a diversity
  • I will propose at least one viable alternative to myself which will fit the subject if the organiser cannot ensure gender diversity  according to the “Sponsor 3” initiative
  • As an ambassador to the program, I will highlight events without gender diversity
  • I will help my fellow pledgers to find suitable candidates for speaking engagements and endorse young talented, lesser known speakers and subject matter experts.
  • I am outspoken about the benefits of more gender diversity at public events

Equilibre will support pledgers by

• Maintaining a database of alternate speakers and subject matter experts

• Working with organisers to ensure gender diversity

• Proposing free public speaking courses for subject matter experts and young talent through the “Sponsor 3” initiative

Sponsor 3

• In order to ensure more diversity on panels, every ambassador of The Pledge will commit to sponsoring 3 subject matter experts (female or male) to propose as an alternative speaker

• The sponsored subject matter experts will receive free public speaking classes and become part of the network of proposed speakers

Conferences and panels provide a platform to share experiences and perspectives. When you limit the range of perspectives, you limit the quality of the conversation. 
- Simon Rothery, CEO, Goldman Sachs Australia

Your contribution to the next generation of speakers and role models

To ensure the continuity of MyPledge, we encourage donations to enable the growth of future speakers. Adhering to the program is however free of charge.

Who do we encourage to take the pledge ?

  • Women and Men - Public speakers
  • Companies hosting and organising events 
  • Attendees – to highlight events where there is no gender diversity

Equilibre will officially unveil the people and organisations that have taken the pledge on 21.3.18 

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