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The team

Hi, my name is Larissa.

I co-founded a DEI think tank in 2016, supported by the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy and private stakeholders, with the mission to enable organisations to become more informed about the power of diversity. In parallel I started giving courses on the subject of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the University of Luxembourg in the Master of Entrepreneurship.

As more partner organisations moved from diversity neutral to diversity positive, their needs shifted from information gathering (to understand DEI) to implementation of actions. They were looking for concrete help when it came to building, implementing and assessing their DEI strategies.

When more companies asked for assistance, I took the opportunity and started organising and building bespoke workshops for them.

I have taken the essence of those workshops and have built this website around them in order to share my lessons and best practices with you.

Why? Because I I believe in the power of each and everyone to enable a more equal society.

Find me on LinkedIn here.