My Pledge

More Diversity at Conferences = Better role models for the future

Role Models for the future

My Pledge is an initiative aimed at ensuring more diversity at public events in line with the recent #NoWomenNoPanel initiative .

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Keep advocating for gender balance at public forums. Actively encourage diversity by promoting female subject matter experts.

Why My Pledge?

The absence of gender diversity at public professional forums does not reflect economic reality. The lack of diversity limits the quality of the conversation and potential outcomes. Fewer women as role models implies fewer female attendees which perpetuates the vicious cycle. Fewer men talking about childcare, part time working and other related topics are also highlighting a lack of diversity. That is why we created a speaker group for progressive men.

How does it work?

As business and political leaders, we pledge that whenever we are invited to a public speaking event, we will inquire about the organiser’s efforts to ensure gender diversity as detailed on the right.

Pledgers will also actively encourage less experienced speakers to take the stage by referring them to Equilibre and by proposing them to the event organisers.

The Pledge

I pledge to advocate for gender diversity on panels and at public speaking events by asking the following questions when organising an event, sending my employees to events to speak, attending an event (speaker or attendee) or sponsoring an event in any form. 

  • Have you thought about gender diversity at the event and has the organiser taken any steps to ensure such a diversity?

  • If the event has no or little diversity, I shall try to propose speakers or put the organiser in touch with Equilibre or any other organisation which has a pool of speakers to find alternatives or additional speakers.

  • As an ambassador to the program, if I attend events without diversity, I will openly advocate for more diversity if I get the opportunity.

  • I will help my fellow pledgers to find suitable candidates by sharing a pool of speakers from my own firm who are subject matter experts with Equilibre.

  • I am outspoken about the overall benefits of more gender diversity at public events.

Who do we encourage to take the pledge ?

  • Public Speakers

  • Companies sending their employees to events to speak or who are hosting and/or organising events

  • Individuals who are interested in supporting gender equality

Equilibre will support pledgers by

  • Maintaining a database of alternate speakers and subject matter experts

  • Highlighting local efforts within companies

  • Proposing public speaking courses for subject matter experts and young talent

Join Equilibre as a Corporate Pledger by downloading the documents below and sending them back to us including your logo, a short description of your company (max 3 sentences) and your statement on why you joined My Pledge to